Esko School Vision

Esko School Vision
The Esko School District will provide a personalized learning environment that incorporates best teaching and learning practices and enhanced technology, to maximize every student's preparation for lifelong success.
Goals for 2019-2024

1. Continue to manage the school budgets to provide a quality
educational experience without reducing the reserves.

2. To review and upgrade school building security to provide a safe
learning environment for the students and staff.  

3. To enhance the trades in our school by studying areas to add to our
current industrial technology program and to develop more business

4. To explore changes to courses and schedules to allow more learning
flexibility for the students.  

Additional Areas that will be reviewed during the next four to five years:

*Assess special education staffing, caseloads and trends

*Develop technology best practice standards to be shared with
students and their parents.
*Study PSEO to determine patterns and trends with our

* Study communication platforms

* Review current mental health services and determine if the
needs are currently being met.  

* Moving the current bus garages to a new location.