Winter Weather Closing Information

Winter Weather Closing Information
Posted on 01/24/2024
Winter weather reminderThe winter season is already upon us.  It is time to revisit what the school district will do on days that conditions make it difficult to open and run school.

When it has been decided that school needs to be closed, we will send this information out through our instant messaging system. The message will then be communicated to the local TV stations and WKLK radio out of Cloquet.  The message will be posted on our school web page too.

KDLH    3
KBJR     6
Fox      21
WKLK 96.5 FM and 1230 AM

School cancellations can happen at any time and you are encouraged to keep your instant messaging system up-to-date.  Make sure the message is going to a number or email address that you are able to check throughout the day.  If you have any questions about the instant messaging system please contact Amber Fisher at 879-4673 ext. 625.

There is always the possibility that you won’t receive the information that school is closing.  This is especially true when schools close unexpectedly for utility issues and parents aren’t watching for a closure.  You are encouraged to develop a family emergency plan for your student if they were to go home and you aren’t there for them. 

The family emergency plan could include family members to call, neighbors to go to for assistance, additional keys or ways to get into the home safely and additional measures to ensure your child is safe if they return home and you are not able to be there.  Plan for the unexpected.