Bus Safety Expectations

  • Follow Directions of the driver the first time
  • Face forward and remain seated while the bus is moving
  • All carry on items must be controlled by and kept on students lap
  • Keep aisle clear and all parts of your body in the bus
  • Stay clear of the "Danger Zones" outside of the bus
  • Cross the street 10 feet in front of the bus
  • Respect Authority
  • Respect the Rights of Others
  • Respect Property


It is important that students realize that riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right. Bus riding privileges can be revoked when serious misconduct occurs or when minor infractions occur repeatedly. Students will be instructed in safe bus riding practices and it is imperative for safety sake that they comply with the bus rules and driver's instructions.
If a student chooses to break the rules, it will be reported by the bus driver. A Bus Conduct Report will be filled out and turned into the appropriate building principle. The purpose of this report is to inform the parent of a disciplinary incident involving a student riding the school bus, which may have jeopardized the safety and well being of all students.
Part of the discipline policy regarding bus riding involves the number of reported offenses by the bus driver. The procedure below clarifies the action taken depending on the number of written reports. These pertain to all K-12 students.
1st written report - discuss with student, report sent home
2nd written report within 8 week period -discuss with student -parent called -report sent home -deny riding the bus 2 or more days
3rd written report within 8 week period -discuss with student -parent called -report sent home -deny riding the bus 1 week or more -conference before bus reinstatement
4th written report within 8 week period - deny riding the bus indefinitely -immediate conference-parent/principal/driver/student -possible suspension of bus privilege for the remainder of the school year.
Severe Clause -In case of severe disruption immediate suspension may be determined necessary. Incidents of this nature will be decided upon after consultation with the bus driver, bus captain, and principal. Bus riding privileges will be suspended indefinitely. A conference will determine whether bus riding privileges will be reinstated or suspended for the remainder of the school year.
We ask your cooperation regarding this policy.