Food Service

Food Service Electronic Payment System

A message from your Food Service Staff:

Dear Parents/Guardians of High School students:

Your child can now pre-pay school meals! Payments can be dropped off in the High School Office. Food Service will also accept payments before the start of the school day or at high school morning break.

Checks can not be “cashed” for amounts over the original purchase. If a check is submitted to Food Service, it will be credited into the student’s account only.

To ensure proper crediting of your child’s account, please put each student’s name, account (PIN) number and the amount you want credited to each child’s account in the memo area on the check. If pre-paying with cash, please include the same information as above on an envelope.

If you wish to use the on-line electronic payment system, simply log in to Parent Portal and choose the Payment option button on the left hand menu column.

Payments will be credited to the students account within approximately 30 min. Students can eat from the hot lunch line (the most economical) or ala carte line this way.

As an example, if a pre-payment of $100 is submitted and your child purchases a sandwich for $2.50 and an apple for $.50, a total of $3.00 will be deducted from the account leaving a balance of $97.00 for future purchases. If you allow your child to spend up to $3.00 a day, the pre-payment in this example will last 33 school days.