Esko School Vision

Esko School Vision
The Esko School District will provide a personalized learning environment that incorporates best teaching and learning practices and enhanced technology, to maximize every students' preparation for lifelong success.
School Goals for 2014-2019
  1. The Esko School Board will demonstrate fiscal responsibility by maintaining appropriate cash-flow amounts, prioritizing expenditures and utilizing all funding options while complying with the District's fund balance policy.

  1. The Esko staff and students will implement a 1:1 computing initiative. This initiative will provide an electronic device for each student in grades 4-12. The District will provide appropriate staff with a matching device and training to increase student achievement.

  1. The Esko School Administration will review fine arts and co-curricular offerings seeking additional opportunities to build on current academic classes while increasing collaboration between the academic departments at the school and the community at large.

  2. The District will continue to manage class sizes to provide personalized learning experiences for all Esko students, fostering continued academic excellence.

Other Areas of Emphasis:

* Upgrade the District technology infrastructure to support 21st Century learning opportunities.

*Meet the diverse needs of all learners.

* Administration will recommend staffing patterns and programs that will best meet the needs of a 21st century workforce.

*The District will hire and retain staff members who contribute to District excellence in academics, arts and athletics.