Community Education


Esko Community Education

 Esko Community Education Vision:

Our Values: We are committed to providing quality services with a cohesive staff. We believe that, working together with our community, we can make a difference in the lives of our children and families.

Our Culture: We demonstrate a “we can make it work attitude.” We are fully dedicated to making our costumers feel comfortable and safe. We respect others values and uniqueness.

Service Results: Getting beneficial results for those we serve is our central function. This is demonstrated when our customers become included in their school & community and they receive support based on their individual needs.

Service Quality: We serve all types of people with no exclusions. We strive to deliver services of the highest quality by employing the best available and trained staff and providing services and programs that are progressive in design, method and practice.

Growth and Development: To remain energetic and competitive we focus on and reach out to all people our services can touch. We readily consider growth opportunities which may present themselves and promote additional training for all staff on a regular basis.

 Services provided by 19 part-time employees and
50+ contracted businesses or individuals

 Community Education brings “value to community” by…

…focusing on Advisory Councils, citizen participation and use of school facilities:

  • Community Education Advisory Councils has three Advisory Councils:
  • The General Community Advisory Council has 10 – 15 Adults and two student representatives meet eight times a year. They have yearly goals, support community events and make sure our programs are meeting the needs of our community.
  • The School Readiness Preschool Advisory Council meets three times a year with the purpose of getting our children ready for kindergarten.
  • The ECFE Advisory Council is made up of parents and staff who meet three times a year to review programming and special events.
  • Facilities Scheduler is managed through community education/activities and provides a web based calendar that can be viewed by all.

…focusing on adult education and recreation:

  • Community Education classes are offered with Cloquet, Carlton, and Wrenshall Community Education which greatly increased offerings to our adult population. This gave our adults opportunities for enrichment, recreation, fitness, new skills, personal growth, and employment related courses as well as opportunities to make connections with others in the community.

 …bringing people together through community publications and events: 

  • We publish 2000 Esko Corner’s each month which provides a way for community education organizations and the school to provide information to all members of the community.
  • We bring the community together such as the Fall Harvest Festival, Kids Voting, Santa Store, Breakfast with Santa, Early Childhood and Early Elementary Family activities, and others.

 …focusing on early education: 

  • Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) provides programs to enhance the skills of parents in providing for their children’s development, and helps parents begin friendships and build a network of support that lasts throughout the child’s school career.

 …focusing on school age care:  

  • Our Cool Kids Program provides an affordable, safe, secure childcare program with an enriched environment for children not only before and after the school day, but also during other non-school days.

 …focusing on youth programs:  

  • Studies prove that youth who participate in after school clubs have better school attendance, have reduced risk taking behaviors and greater engagement in learning. A variety of arts, recreation, skill development and service opportunities are offered.
  • Our successful Learning Link clubs include math, developing reading through Reading Counts and Book and Cook clubs, German language, science and letter writing.
  • Kids Plus, grades 6-8, provides youth their own organization in which they can make community improvements and plan their own events. Activities include junior high dances and activities, youth center parties and “field trips”, the kids plus conference.
  • Focus on Youth, grades 9-12, plans activities such as dances and lock-ins.

 …working within the K-12 system and the county:  

  • We support academic achievement through tutors, after school “Learning Link Clubs” and school readiness.
  • We participate with the Carlton County Children and Family Services Collaborative through the Early Childhood partnership and the Youth Partnership.
  • We are part of Americorps and Experience Works and supervise and support those workers.