Scholarship Information

2020 Scholarship Information

Attention Class of 2020!  Apply for Esko Educational Foundations Scholarships!

Did you know in 2019, the Esko Educational Foundation (EEF) awarded 27 Lincoln High School graduating seniors scholarships totaling $64,250? To the Class of 2020, you are urged and invited to apply for more than 20 EEF scholarships now available.

Listed below are links to the following for you to complete:

2020 EEF Scholarship Application .pdf
2020 EEF Scholarship Recommendation.pdf 

You are required to submit two recommendation forms one from a teacher and one from a coach, mentor or employer.

(Please see Mrs. Bergstedt in the Career Center if you need paper copies of these forms.)


The scholarship application form (paper copy) is due to Mrs. Krocka in the high school office by Friday, April 3rd, 2020 by 3:30pm. (Spring Break is April 6-10, 2020.)

The scholarship recommendation form (paper copy) from two references is due to Mrs. Krocka by Friday, March 27th, 2020. These forms can be mailed via the USPS by your references to Mrs. Krocka. Please note: a handful of scholarships list financial need as one selection criterion. If you want to apply for these scholarships (and it is recommended you do), the following document must be included in addition to the application:

SAR (Student Aid Report) from FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  This report includes your EFC (Expected Financial Contribution)

If you do not submit the above form, you will not be in the applicant pool for only those scholarships which require the financial need criteria.

Please note: only one application per student is necessary to be considered for all the EEF scholarships, including those scholarships requiring financial aid statements. (See above.)

This information, including links to the two scholarship application forms, was sent via email to all Class of 2020 members and to all Class of 2020 parents the second week of February 2020.

In April, the EEF Board of Directors will select the scholarship recipients using an algorithm of selection criteria such as GPA, school activities, community service, letters of recommendation, and the like. The scholarship awards ceremony is scheduled for May 3rd.