Flexible seating options

Flexible Seating Options
Posted on 09/10/2018
6th grade cllassroomWhy do people choose Starbucks, Caribou Coffee or their local coffee shop as a place to work, read or collaborate? Yes, the coffee is good. But think about the seating options. Think about the comfort level. This is exactly the feel we are trying to give our students in their classrooms. Flexible seating, collaborative seating, and alternative seating are all different ways to say the same thing. They all give students options to find a learning space that brings comfort to them and increases their ability to focus. 
Flexible seating is a choice provided to students that allows them to work comfortably and remain focused. It provides students the environment they need to be their best. These seating arrangements can look different from room to room. Year after year, we have students that do their best work standing, kneeling, or in a number of positions that they find comfortable. It is time that we made changes to our classrooms to allow this for all our learners.  New furniture was made available to k-12 teachers through a district grant with additional funds from the Elementary PIE group and the Box Tops for Education program. 
We hope to continue to partner with these programs to bring more of this furniture into our classrooms!