Spring Sports Information



If you haven’t already done so, please make sure to turn in all of your eligibility paperwork, as well as register online thru the school website for the sport you wish to participate in.  (*if you need to register for a spring sport contact Tanya Pagelkopf at 879-4673 ext:629 or email @ tpagelkopf@esko.k12.mn.us)  The following are athletic activities that are available for student athletes in the 2019 Spring Season.  If you have any questions, please contact the coach or the Activities Director, Chad Stoskopf, at 879-1909 or via email cstoskopf@esko.k12.mn.us 

Baseball:  Head Coach – Ben Haugen   

                  email: bhaugen@esko.k12.mn.us

                  Cell:   218-428-0249


Softball:  Head Coach – Jeff Emanuel   

                 email: emanueljems@gmail.com

                 Cell:  218-393-1599


 Girls Track and Field:  Head Coach – Jessica Reckinger    

                                       Email:  jreckinger@esko.k12.mn.us

                                       Cell:   218-391-9237


 Boys Track and Field:  Head Coach – Gary Beaudot   

                                        email:  gbeaudot@esko.k12.mn.us

                                        Cell:  391-1994      

Clay Target:  Head Coach – Curt Tranah  

                       email:  ctranah@gmail.com

                       Cell:  218-590-8737

  1. Ammunition
  • Athletes will be responsible for their own ammunition.  7 1/2 or 8 shot is recommended.  You will need two boxes per night.  The trap club has some shells for sale; however an adult needs to purchase them.
  • Thank you to Josh who has worked with Superior Shooters for the following pricing: Winchester Super Target    $58.00 per case(250 rounds)
    Clevers                                $58.00
    Challangers                        $55.00
    Federal Top Gun                $57.00
    This is roughly $6.00 a case from our floor price.  For high school shooters only.
  1. Athlete requirements:
  • Must be in 6th grade or higher-Parent First, Last, and email sent to ctranah@gmail.com
  • Must have gun safety or complete online SAFE training through Minnesota Clay Target League.
  • Must supply own fire arm.  Most shot guns will work fine.  DO NOT BRING YOUR GUN TO SCHOOL FOR ANY REASON
  1. Target fees
  • Target fees will remain the same $90 pd to Big Lake Gun Club and due on the first night of shooting.  This fee covers two rounds of shooting per week for 9 weeks.  
  • You are welcome to shoot additional rounds at $5 per round
  1. Scoring 
  • Each participant must shoot each week on Monday to not receive a 0 for the week. Participants cannot shoot behind or ahead.  Our scores are then matched against other schools in our conference.  We are needing assistant coaches to score and watch for safety concerns.   
  1. Notifications
  • Notifications for changes or cancellation will be through group email.  If we have a delay to the start of the season we will have make up dates for missed rounds.
  1. Lettering
  • Top 25% average scores, any Senior who has submitted scores in all five weeks.
  1. Schedule
  • We will be shooting Mondays from 4-8 Please do not come any later than 7pm without notifying me by text. 
  • March 22: Athlete registration ends. All participants must complete the                         online League registration.
  • March TBD: New athlete night
  • March 31: Practice Week 1
  • April 7:      Practice Week 2
  • April 14:    Reserve Week. Scores are submitted via the coach’s Team Management  System. These scores are saved for future use for the entire team if a team’s scheduled Competition Week is cancelled.
  • April 21:    Competition Week 1 Compete against all teams in our                                    conference.
  • April 28:    Competition Week 2
  • May 5:       Competition Week 3
  • May 12:     Competition Week 4
  • May 19:     Competition Week 5 Final team and individual shoot
  • May 26:      Fun Week. Invite family and try games like Annie Oakley.                             Have fun!!!
  • June 10-18: Trap Shooting Championship in Alexandria, MN.

*Prior to practice all athletes need to have the following completed-

 1) Online Sports Registration

 2) Current Sports Physical signed by Physician (good for 3 years).  If unsure contact Tanya Pagelkopf at tpagelkopf@esko.k12.mn.us   and she can let you know if your child is in need of a current physical.

 3)  Pay Activity Fee

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