Digital Engagement Initiative

The Esko Public School District believes students must be prepared to enter college and the workplace with21st century skills such as critical and analytical thinking, problem solving and evaluation, and collaboration among peers. Students today must learn traditional math, science, and reading skills, but must also acquire a new set of skills to take them into the careers of tomorrow, and to compete in a global society. They will be required to quickly access information, solve real-world problems, and communicate ideas and solutions to people around the world using technology in many facets of their professional and personal life.

In order to prepare students for the demands of the future, the Esko Public Schools will continue to provide an educational experience that will challenge all students at their individual levels. Teachers and administrators will encourage the use of 21st Century tools and resources that will enhance learning and help students reach their full academic potential. One way to do this will be to maximize the use of technology in all areas of daily teaching and learning.

The Esko Public Schools Digital Engagement Initiative will allow teachers to personalize instruction and customize curriculum to better address state standards. It will promote collaboration among students and allow learners to fully engage in their own learning by having infinite resources available via the internet at all times. This technology will change the way students learn from the previous teacher-centered form of instruction, to an educational setting in which students choose and direct the course of their own learning in order to meet the complex demands of the 21st century.

The Digital engagement initiative planning document is linked below.

digital engagement initiative plan.pdf