Covid - 19 Information

2020 MSHSL and ISD 99 Coaches’ Sports Requirement/Guidelines


Esko Public Schools is implementing its COVID-19 preparedness plan to address the requirements established by the Minnesota Department of Health.  This plan prioritizes student and staff safety, but doesn't remove all risk as we return to play.  Parents, players and coaches who do not feel comfortable with the inherent risks should know that participation in our athletic program is optional and voluntary. 


August 17, 2020 (Cross Country and Soccer)

Coaches CAN…work with their student-athletes in person.  All groups must abide by the following:

  • You MUST send me your safety plan & after it’s approved share the information with the families of your participants.  
  • You MUST communicate the following health screening to be used by players and parents to self-access prior to each practice, scrimmage, or game.
  • Do you have a fever?
  • Do you have a sore throat?
  • Are you short of breath?
  • Do you have a cough?
  • Have you been exposed to a person with a confirmed, active case of COVID-19?

** if the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are required to stay home, contact your medical provider, and communicate with your coach.  

  • You MUST keep a daily record of everyone present in case anyone develops COVID-19.
  • You MUST make sure that all participants are completely eligible and present on the master eligibility sheet shared with you.
  • You MUST request access to supplies for sanitization – email your request to Tony Compo.
  • You MUST have your CER complete on the MSHSL Coaches Dashboard.
  • You MUST send me a facilities request form if you intend to use school facilities.
  • You MUST have a mask and wear it whenever possible.  
  • You MUST communicate any health concern or potential positive case of COVID-19 directly to Mr. Hexum and to me.  NO COMMUNICATION about anyone (student, staff, etc.) who may have contracted the virus is to be shared with anyone.  All communication will come from public health officials.  Anyone who tests positive and those in the same pod will not be allowed to return for a time determined by MDH.
  • What is a Pod?
  • A pod is a group of participants that stay together for each workout.
  • There can be 25 people in a pod (24 participants and 1 coach).
  • If multiple pods are allowed to use the same field, pods will enter/exit at different locations and stay clear of each other during the workout.
  • If a participant is missing on a particular workout, someone from a different pod cannot take their place.
  • Pods are 4 per football/soccer sized field, 3 per baseball field, 2 per ice rink, 1 per basketball/volleyball court

 Please remember the following:

  • No Locker Room Use
  • We will be limiting nonessential visitors to campus throughout the school year.  With this in mind, spectators, fans, parents, or any other unauthorized visitors are not permitted to attend practices held on the Esko Public Schools campus. 
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at the workout sessions.  
  • All students should bring their own water bottle.  Water bottles must not be shared.


These protocols may change based on any new guidance from MDH, CDC, MSHSL, or the NFHS.


The following documents below provide sport-specific guidance and information for MSHSL Fall Approved Sports:
Boys and Girls Soccer

Boys and Girls Cross Country

From the Coaches -  Cross Country Health Safety Plan
From the Coaches - Soccer Health Safety Plan.docx

2020 Esko Soccer Tryout Week Schedule .pdf


*Note from Coach Hallsten
Hello Cross Country Runners and Families! 

As we approach the start of what will be a very unique season, we are optimistic and looking forward to providing you all a safe and positive athletic experience this year. This letter will provide you with some important dates, times and items to note and remember. As with many of the other Minnesota Department of Health protocols for schools and activities regarding safeguards to prevent the risk of exposure and transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases are continually being changed/updated in accordance with new information/data, we will need to be flexible with ours as well as we go through this season. Everyone’s health and safety is our main priority.

Important Dates/Times/Items to Remember: If you haven’t already, please register for Cross Country on the school’s registration page. You will NOT be able to practice until you have done so. This year due to the emphasis to minimize exposure and transmission of COVID-19, we are only allowed to have up to 46 athletes (23 boys and 23 girls) so we are able to adhere to the maximum coach:athlete ratio required by the Minnesota State High School League. We haven’t exceeded this number before, but we want everyone to know that if we reach that number, we cannot allow any more participants for this season. So again, sign up and register soon!

August 17, 2020: First day of practice. We will meet at 7:00 AM in the clock lobby of the high school. The first few days of practice will focus on implementing effective protocols and routines for pre-participation screenings, effective social distancing, compliance with all health recommendations, establishment of pod limits of 25 or less, and additional actions that mitigate the spread of disease and enhance safety of students and coaches.

Current 7th/8th grade runners who were not on the JV/V teams last year are not required to start on this date. However, it is greatly encouraged to do so as the benefits (getting to know and build relationships with team mates, not missing out on initial training, etc.) will help as we progress through the season.

August 31, 2019: Athletic fees are due. If you have not paid by this time you cannot continue participate in practice or meets until fees are paid. $150 for varsity / $85 for junior high. Fees are to be paid online on the same site you signed up for CC or can be paid to Kris Krocka in the high school office. Coaches will not collect or handle any sports fee monies at any time.

September 8, 2020: First day of school. For 7th and 8th grade runners who have not been attending practice, this will be the first day of mandatory practice. We will tentatively meet at 3:30 PM in Mr. Beaudot’s room (this is subject to change).
• We will screen all athletes for COVID-19 symptoms before every practice. In the event an athlete has symptoms during the screening process, the appropriate follow Minnesota Department of Health protocols for schools and activities and MSHSL guidelines for notification and return to participation will be followed.
• Face coverings are required for all athletes in the event proper social distancing is not possible.
• Practice will be Monday – Friday at 7:00 AM until school starts.
• Once school starts practice will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 3:30 PM and Wednesday at 7:00 AM (assuming the school will have an early release on Wednesday).
• Practices are typically 90 minutes, but may be more or less depending on what we do/where we practice.
• Our meet schedule is still in the works given the continual guidelines being received from the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota State High School League, and Gov. Walz’s orders. Once we have an established meet schedule, it will be available both on The Polar League website - and at the Esko CC website - Please note, all of the above it subject to change dependent upon changes in type of instruction at the time for the school district (in person, hybrid, distance learning), and continual guidelines being received from the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota State High School League, and Gov. Walz’s orders. We will work with you and keep open lines of communication/information sharing throughout this season. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Head Coach Jerimy Hallsten
Assistant Coach Gary Beaudot